About Me

Lets talk about me.  🙂

I am a teenager, homeschooled for the past four years, and will continue homeschooling throughout high school.

I am a dedicated, saved Christian, living my life for my God.  🙂

I am a Fangirl.  I am easily obsessed and excited by new books, movies, tv shows, etc.  Right now, my list is as follows:

Star Wars: My forever and ever number one obsession.  You’ll hear about me talking about Star Wars A LOTTTTTT.

Johnny Tremain:  HOW I LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!!!!  I read the book for school, and watched the movie afterwards.  I am officially in love with Johnathan Lyte Tremain.  😉

Pride and Prejudice: I recently watched the 2005 P&P on YouTube, thanks to my friend Ley, who sent me the link in an email titled: AHALKJFOAHAHAHHAHAAAGGGAGAHGHAHHAHHAHH
So it was decided I should watch P&P, which I am now FOREVER in debt to Ley for.  This is my new favorite movie!!!!!!  It is so amazingly good!!!!  I am a hopeless romantic, (or as my sister says, ‘just hopeless’) and I sat there crying over how much I absolutely ADORED this movie.   And how much I love Mr. Darcy.  🙂

Indiana Jones:  I watched Indiana Jones after hearing from my numerous Internet friends how amazing Indy is.  xD  I watched the third movie first, and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark while on vacation in Disney World and fell in even DEEPER LOVE!  😀  The only Indy films I haven’t seen are the 4th and 2nd movies.  😦  But I hope to watch the second soon, since I own it!  Haha!

How to Train your Dragon:  I watched this movie from the library, after hearing good things.  XD  I FELL IN LOVE WITH HICCUP AND TOOTHLESS AND THE WHOLE THING!!!!!  It was just so wonderful!  The music alone made me cry with joy.  xD  Then I watched it for the second time while at a Homeschool Convention with my family.  THAT was so much FUN!!!!!!  The third time I watched HTTYD, I was on vacation with my sister, cousin, grandma, grandpa, mom and dad at our vacation house.  My cousin hadn’t seen HTTYD, so I asked my grandpa to buy it on the computer so we could watch it!  Now Chibi (my cousin, who you’ll hear about frequently) is in love with it too!!!!!  :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Lemonade Mouth:  I was incredibly skeptical watching this movie.  I went into it thinking ‘Oh, another Disney Channel movie that’s shallow and has no plot….’ but came out thinking “AHLFJAOFKSLAJOSFA OMG THAT WAS SO GOOD AND I LOVE THE SONGS!!!!!”  It actually had a VERY good message, plus the music was BEYOND good.  XD  My favorite character: Stella.  My favorite GUY character:  Tie between Wen and Charlie.  xD  Wen is sweet, but Charlie is HOT and sweet.  xDDD


Wicked the Musical:  I haven’t seen this musical.  Yet.  But I’ve heard the music, memorized the music, read/memorized the synopsis and am IN LOVE WITH IT.  xDD  The whole thing is just SO amazing.  It brought me and Chibi (my cousin, remember?) together.  😉

Disney:  I have been raised around ALL THINGS DISNEY.  🙂  Disney World is a part of who I am.  I live close enough where we go more than once a year.  My most recent trip was the last week of July 2011.  I have seen/love almost ALL the Disney Movies.  I am a Disney Princess at heart.  As I type, I’m wearing an Ariel t-shirt.  xD  These movies are perfect for kids and adults alike, and are just so wonderful.  🙂

Asking me to pick my favorite Disney movie is like asking me to pick my favorite book, or favorite food.  xD

Other movies I like include…..

National Treasure 1 and 2

Dinotopia (ZOMG I LOVE THIS MINISERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It definitely counts as a fandom!!!!)

John Adams HBO Miniseries (OOOOOHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!!)


Barbie Mermaidia (Don’t you laugh at me.  It’s a classic!)


Pirates of the Caribbean:  Chibi (my cousin) is in LOVE with Captain Jack/Pirates of the Caribbean.  That is her fandom.  I have a slight fandom with it as well though.  😉  I love Will and Elizabeth.  And I love Dead Man’s Chest!  I think/thought it was brilliant.  😀

High School Musical:  Cliche, I know, but I absolutely LOVE Troy and Gabriella’s romance!!!!!!  They’re so perfect for each other!!!!!!!!  <33333  *squees*  THEY ARE SO SWEET!!!!!!!  I squeal/cry each time I watch these movies. xD

Look at that picture and tell me that you don’t want to dance in the rain with a guy as cute and sweet as Troy Bolton.  😛

that is the best wallpaper I have ^^^^  Thank you to my friend Qui for giving me that.  xD

Narnia:  I have seen all three Narnia movies, but I have yet to read the books.  I LOVED THE MOVIES THOUGH!!!!!!!!  :DDDD  Especially Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I thought it was done VERY well.  🙂

I have many, many other fandoms, but right now these are my top list!  😉


Other things about me…..

I am an aspiring author.  I’ve written a Star Wars novel!  Here is the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7160909/1/Reaching_For_The_Stars

I love to read, write, read, write, oh, and read and write some more.  XD  That’s along with watching movies, obsessing over fandoms, playing viola, dancing, and foruming and blogging.  I have two Blogger account blogs as well.


Thanks Y’all.  I’ll post more later!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy ❤



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