Love Will Prevail

Story by me, something I came up with ages ago, and started editing/picking it up again last night.  😉

I personally LOVE this story too much to abandon it completely, so here is what I have (so far) for Love Will Prevail.  🙂






All was beautiful that day in the Kingdom, the birds were singing, the flowers were in bloom, and the sun was shining down on the faces of all the loyal citizens of Magnason Kingdom.  Despite how beautiful the day was, Charlotte Aleene was worried.  She just had had a baby.  The baby was of royal blood, though she, the mother, was not.

Charlotte and the now-king Zenith spent one night together.  One night nine months ago, this, ended up being the biggest regret of Charlotte’s life.  Zenith was a prince at the time, a prince with riches, a palace, and a king sized pair of shoes to fill.  Charlotte was a simple commoner.  She had no place in the palace, let alone with the prince himself.  Yet she found herself smitten with him from the first day she laid eyes on him while delivering bread to the castle gates.

They grew to like each other, then that like turned into love, and then they spent one night together, alone.  Nine months later, Charlotte lived in the outskirts of town, with her newborn daughter, Fallon.  Little Fallon was only a few weeks old.  And she was a princess.  Only Charlotte knew though.  Not even Zenith himself knew.

The new King had been crowned, and Zenith and Charlotte hadn’t seen or spoken to each other since that night.  Now Charlotte was in a new relationship, with a simple and kind man from the outskirts who worked as a quarry worker.  They fell in love, and married, the man adopting her daughter Fallon as his own, never speaking of the girl’s true father.

Darred and Charlotte Daggerwing were happy together for thirteen years, raising their daughter in peace.  Fallon grew up with her friend Jacob, whose mother Zalla was a good friend of Charlotte’s.  The two women took pride in their young children, schooling them and watching them grow up through the earlier years of their lives.  When the children were old enough, they were enrolled in the nearby grade school, where they continued their lessons until they reached their teen years.

When Jacob was 13, he left grade school and was enrolled in the Kingdom’s Knight Academy, where he trained to become a knight in the King’s army.  Fallon felt left out for a year, in which she finished her grade schooling and helped her mother care for their family’s new baby boy, Cayden.  Fallon attended the Academy the following year, though no one expected the very thin threads that were holding the peace between the Kingdom and its bordering provinces to finally snap.

Fallon and the other apprentices were being taught in super speed because of the sudden need for soldiers.  There was now a war going on.  Everything in the household of the Daggerwings was fine, when suddenly, their worlds were destroyed.

The outskirts of town were the first places to be attacked.  Despite the strong protection the army supplied, the villages were raided, and shattered.  Both the Daggerwings were murdered, leaving their fourteen year old daughter and their one year old son orphans.  One item from the raided house was saved.  One item that the Outlanders believed would help them get an advantage over the Kindom of Magnason.  It was a single letter, written by the mother of a princess, to the king of the Kingdom.


Chapter 1

She reached down with one hand and gently touched his cheek.  With tear filled eyes she propped up his head on her lap, holding his hand all the while.  Incredibly weak and unable to talk, he gave her a reassuring look with his eyes.  She returned the look and held him gently.  Kissing him gently, she allowed herself to cry for the first time in years.

As she looked into the eyes of her beloved, she knew that there had to be something she could do.  Surveying his wounds, she realized that the damage was pretty bad.  Anyone else would’ve looked at the situation logically and said, “It’s the end, he’s going to die,” but she wasn’t just anyone. She closed her eyes and sent up a prayer, and then carefully began to clean his wounds.

“Please, please, baby just stay with me,” she murmured to him as she tried to stop his bleeding.  “You can’t leave me.  I love you too much.”

Glancing around the dense forest that they were sitting in, she stood up, and left the small clearing to find some healing herbs, like the ones she learned about in her classes.  Returning with a small handful of leaves, her heart thudded in her chest as she saw his eyes were closed, and his chest was unmoving.  As she neared closer, she was able to see that he was still breathing, but his breaths were incredibly shallow.  Crushing the herbs with a small stone and carefully rubbing them into his wounds, she watched as the swelling lessened.

She knelt beside him and prayed that he would be alright.  After all they’d been through, he couldn’t leave her.  Not now….not ever.  Still crying, she tenderly and lovingly kissed his cheek.


Several hours later, she awoke with a start.  Was it all just a dream?  She looked to her left and upon seeing his battered but still breathing body, memories flooded back to her.

The war, the battles, the armies, the death toll, and she remembered watching him fall besides her, dying.  She remembered leaping from her horse in the midst of the battle, rushing to his aid, she remembered hearing the others telling her to move on, and keep going, or she’d get killed too.  She remembered finding him alive, and carrying his body to her horse and taking him with her for almost a mile, before the enemy caught up with them.

With the armies retreating, she could do nothing but follow.  Worried and near hysterical with fear, she felt the horse being shot out from underneath her, and felt him stir at her side.  The horse dead, she dragged his maimed body to the edge of the clearing, and met the enemy who had followed her….

Bushes rustled behind her as she spun around, whipping out her sword in a defensive position.

“So, another weak one shows her pathetic face once again.”  Before her stood a large Outlander general.  She glared in his direction, knowing better than to let her tongue get her into more trouble.  Suddenly letting out a war-cry, the man lunged at her, smashing his sword down hard atop hers.  She pushed back with all her might and the two dodged and parried each other’s blows in a battle dance.

With intense force, the general shoved her back, causing the girl to stumble and fall.  Instead of coming after her like she thought he would, the General moved towards her love, threatening to kill the unconscious boy.

“No!” She cried, as the man lifted a silver dagger towards her beloved’s throat.

“Now young lady,” the general said with sarcasm, “Lay down that weapon of yours, and just let me take you with me, and I won’t hurt you’re little friend here.  Zenith will pay a pretty penny to get you back,” he said knowingly, his heavily accented voice making her cringe with displeasure.

Unable to speak for worry of her fearful tears would escape her, she carefully knelt down, placing her sword in front of her.  Cautiously eyeing her enemy, she watched as he smiled and evil smile, his yellow teeth glaring in his mouth.

“Good,” he said, “You will make an excellent prisoner of war….taking direction so well.”  Then he grinned again, and with a glare of evil toward her, he began to remove his dagger…..and immediately she understood what he was about to do.  An old trick of war….he was going to still slit his throat.

She glanced down at her sword, and just as the older man redrew his dagger and prepared to slice it across her beloved’s throat; she kicked her sword up and across the clearing, hitting the man squarely in the gut.  With a grunt and a gasp, he fell forward, still managing to plunge his dagger into the side of her beloved before falling forward to his death.

“Nooo!!!!!” She shrieked, immediately running to his side.  Pulling out the dagger and tossing it aside with disgust, she carefully removed his armor and shirt to assess his wound better.  The damage was terrible, and it was not going to heal on its own.  She then began to cry, for the first time in years.  She cried, cried at the thought of losing the one person who didn’t care who she was, where she came from, or what she had done, but the person who saw her for her, and loved her as much as she loved him.

“No,” she whimpered, feeling his breathing slowing.  “Jacob, please, stay with me.  I need you….I love…I love you.”  Jacob’s eyes fluttered open slightly, and he instantly clutched his side and groaned in pain.  She tried to calm him down.

“No, no, stop, you have to stay calm.” She told him, forcing him to release his grip on his side.  She gasped as she looked down at his blood drenched hand.  Tears dripped down her cheeks as she looked at Jacob’s face.  She loved him so much.   If only he could make it long enough to get him back to the Kingdom…..  Jacob’s eyes fluttered again, and it was apparent he was losing consciousness.

“Fallon, I….I’m…so….sorry….I love….you” he breathed before passing out.  Burying her face on his chest, she let the sobs escape her lips, and prayed to the Lord that he would survive.  She couldn’t go on without him.  There was no way.




Chapter 2

Rubbing her eyes and snapping back to the present, Fallon quickly checked Jacob’s vital signs.  She sighed a breath of relief.  He was still alive.  There was still hope.

“When all else fails, you always have hope,” Fallon recited her mother’s wise words in her mind.  How she missed her.  Enemy raids killed both of her parents, now leaving her an orphan.  How she wished that she could’ve been there on the night of the attack, to help fight for her parent’s lives, or at least say goodbye.

Her aunt had told her that had she been there, she would’ve been killed as well, and though Fallon knew it to be true, she still didn’t want to believe it.  It was now two years later, and she still ached over the loss of her parents. Shaking the painful thoughts and memories from her mind, Fallon looked at Jacob’s face hopefully, praying that he would wake up so that she could talk to him.  So she could hear his voice.  She smiled as she gently ran her fingers through Jacob’s dark hair.  Gently kissing his cheek, she stood up and stretched her legs.

“I’m hungry,” she thought to herself, and decided it was high time she went and found some food.


When Fallon returned a few minutes later, she noticed that Jacob’s breathing was smoother and he seemed to be more flushed than he was a few minutes ago.  Her hope grew more sincere, Fallon almost shouted for joy when she saw his eyelid’s flutter as Jacob began to wake up.  Jacob looked incredibly confused as he glanced around the clearing.  His eyes widened as he met hers, and a few tears escaped her eyes as she leaned in and they kissed.  Releasing the kiss, Jacob winced with pain and felt sharp throbbing tremor up and down his left side.  He grabbed for it, but Fallon met his hand and stopped him.

“Not yet,” she said quietly to him, “It’s healing.  Don’t touch it.”  He nodded slightly and looked up at her again.

Softly, in a shaky voice he said, “What’s going on?  Where are we?”  Fallon gently brushed his cheek with her fingers and then explained what had happened.

“You fought an Outlander General?” he rasped, “And won?”  Fallon nodded and felt her cheeks turn pink.

“Yeah…he’s dead now, and he did that to you.” She explained and pointed to Jacob’s wounded side.  Jacob shifted from where he lay on the ground to a half sitting position, but felt pangs of pain strike repeatedly.  He gasped in pain and felt a few tears escape is eyes as he tried to ease himself down to the ground again.  Fallon helped him and brought him to a resting position, with his back propped up comfortably against a soft, moss covered rock.  Jacob winked at her.

“Thanks.”  He was gaining his voice back quickly now, and was feeling much better despite the extremely deep gash that was plaguing his left side.  Fallon smiled.  She was beyond relieved that Jacob was alive, and that he was awake and talking to her.  Yet in the back of her mind, she knew that she needed to get Jacob back to the Kingdom, even if it was miles away.

Last she remembered, she was fleeing the battle of Canarak with the rest of the King’s army.  The war had been raging on for a little over a year, after the outer-laying provinces decided to join up and try and overthrow the King’s rule.

King Zenith was a good, fair and just king, who was loved by all his subjects.  He believed that the people should have a say in the government, and turned his Kingdom into a free place, where all people had rights, and were encouraged to explain problems or help they needed to the Council or the King himself.  He was one of the only kings who allowed his wife to have as much rule as he had, and gave the women of his Kingdom the same rights as men.  That was why Fallon was in the Military.   She was a Knight, as was Jacob.  They were both in the King’s army and very involved members of the Kingdom, even though they were only 17 years of age.

They had met years ago when they were only small children.  They had been best friends growing up, and dreamed of the day when they would be allowed to join the King’s Army together.  When Jacob turned 13, he was enrolled in the Knights Academy, where he learned the basics of Knighthood, until he was old enough for the army.  Fallon, by order of her mother, finished her grade schooling first, and then had to spend a year at her home, to help care for her new baby brother. That was when she was 13.

When she was 14, she too enrolled in the Knights Academy, but was a year and a half behind her best friend.  At the end of her first year in the Academy, the raids got worse, and it struck the one place she prayed they would never go, her home.  The Outlanders slaughtered her parents and neighbors, leaving her all alone to care for her baby brother.

Cayden was sweet, but he was a baby.  He didn’t know Mum and Dad enough to miss them, and thought of Fallon as his mum.  Because Fallon was in the army, Cayden went with her and the other knights everywhere they went.  The other knights had adopted Cayden as their own little brother, taking turns watching him whenever Fallon was out fighting.

Their greatest fear was that one day Fallon wouldn’t come back, and they would have to explain to the almost 3 year old what had happened to his big sister.  During her time in the Academy and the Army, Fallon became one of the best swordsman or swordswoman in all the Kingdoms.  She could best even the grandest generals and even the most creative captains.

Also while in the Army, Jacob and Fallon picked up their relationship, but it wasn’t until the summer of Fallon’s sixteenth birthday that she began thinking of Jacob as more than a friend…..


Fallon was sitting cross legged on the top of a hill.  She was about to be knighted.  The next morning at dawn, the day of her 16th birthday, she was going to be a full knight.  Honestly, she wasn’t sure if she was ready.  Staring out at the first stars of twilight beginning to twinkle in the sky, Fallon remembered and thought about all that had happened within the last few months.  She had lost her parents, taken on the task of caring for her brother, joined and trained with the Army, and reunited her relationship with her best friend Jacob.

As soon as she thought about him, Jacob appeared in the doorway to the small Army base in the Kingdom, their home for the past few months.  Hearing the door open and close, Fallon spun around and smiled to see Jacob coming towards her.  He had one hand behind his back.  Sitting down next to her, Jacob grinned and placed a small white box in her lap.

“What’s this?” She asked him playfully pushing his shoulder.

Jacob laughed a bit and said, “Open it and find out.”

Rolling her eyes good-naturedly, Fallon pulled the top of the box off and was shocked.  Inside was a beautiful pendant.  The gem that hung from the chain was a small blue stone in the shape of a heart, and the chain was durable silver.

Jacob smiled his brightest smile.  Running his hand through his dark hair, he asked sort of sheepishly, “Do you like it?” Gaping at the beautiful necklace, Fallon nodded, and met her best friend’s eyes.

“It’s beautiful.  Thank you Jacob I love it!”  She gave him a hug, and they locked eyes.  Suddenly, before either of them knew what was happening, Jacob leaned in, and the two kissed.  Shock beginning to set in, they both awkwardly leaned away.

“Ummm,” was all Jacob could manage.  Then he shook his head and stood up.

“Happy early birthday, and…you’re going to be a great knight.  I know it.”  Fallon nodded and stood up as well.

She hugged him again and said, “Thank you.  Thank you so much.”  Jacob smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.  They stayed like that for a moment, and he kissed her forehead.

Oddly, Fallon felt so a peace, more happy than she had felt in months.  She didn’t shy away from his kiss, like she thought she would.  She felt a sudden change in her heart.  The boy who was her best friend for her entire life was now more than that.  He wasn’t just her friend to play games with in the village courtyard, he was a Knight now, and she was falling in love with him.


Chapter 3

She tried to remember that feeling now, as she sat talking to Jacob who was so seriously injured.  Jacob reached from his sitting position to feel Fallon’s cheek.  He raised an eyebrow as he felt her cheeks were wet.

“Were you crying?” he asked.   Fallon felt her cheeks flush at the question.

“Umm, yes.  I was.”  She nodded and lowered her head.

“Why?” asked Jacob gently.  Fallon hadn’t cried in nearly two years, since her parents were murdered.

Fallon held his hand in hers and said quietly, “I was…worried.  About you.  You were probably going to die….and I was scared.”

Jacob nodded and said with a small smile, “You were afraid for me?”  Fallon rolled her eyes and kissed his fingers.

“Of course I was.  I love you….I couldn’t let you go.” She said, her voice growing quiet once again.  Jacob ran his hand through her tangled brown hair and smiled up at her.

“I love you too.” He said, and pulled her closer to him.  Fallon edged closer, trying very hard not to look at the bloody shirt that was tied around Jacob’s stomach.  The blood made her nervous all over again.  The wound was so deep, and Fallon knew that she only had a matter of time before infection set in.  For the time being though, she was glad that Jacob was alive and that he could at least talk to her.  After just holding each other for a minute, Fallon whispered to him.

“You know we don’t have that much time, right?” he nodded solemnly and held her closer.  They kissed and Fallon felt at peace.  She gently brushed her hand on his cheek and deepened their kiss.  After a while, they let go and Fallon smiled at him.

“What are we going to do?” she said quietly.  “You aren’t going to last much longer you know.” She added her voice cracking.

Jacob nodded again and said, “Do you know how far we are from the Kingdom?  We need to get back…” then his eyes widened and he stopped midsentence.

“Oh my word,” he said, “I just thought of something.” Fallon turned to him and said with alarm, “What?!?  What is it?”  Jacob looked at her and said, “Cayden.  How are the others going to explain where we are?  They probably think we are dead!”  Fallon bit her lip and her eyes widened too.  “I-I Don’t know!  They probably do think we’re dead!  Oh!  Poor Cay!!”


Admiral Vears stared at his troops.  They had lost too many men, and they failed to capture the princess.  Everything depended on her.  Vears knew that if the Outlanders captured and held Zenith’s daughter for ransom, they were sure to get the money they needed, from the Kingdom, to fund their army.  Then they would take the Kingdom and its King out in one swift stroke.

“Garion failed sir,” came a soldier’s excuse.  “I know that!” Vears hissed, growing impatient with how long the princess’s capture was taking.

“We aren’t moving fast enough.  Garion should’ve been able to capture her, he’s much stronger and larger.  He’s more experienced in a warzone. She’s but a girl!” Vears muttered, almost to himself.  Then he spun around to glare at his troops.

“We need more people after her!  Send out the Night Raiders.  Tonight.  Send them after the sun sets tonight.”


The crowds of soldiers came filing into the Canar Military Station.  The King’s army was stationed there for the time being, while battling the Outlanding armies in the province of Canar.  Knight Brilla, and Knight Zaren, two of Fallon and Jacob’s best friends, searched the crowds for their friends.

“Any sign of them?” Brilla asked in her English accent.

“No,” Zaren said worriedly.  Zaren ran his hand through his short red hair and looked into Brilla’s blue eyes.

“Do you think they made it out?” he asked earnestly, hoping to find encouragement from his friend.  Brilla felt nervous, but she said bravely, “I’m sure they’re fine.  Look, I’ll ask the deck officer.  I’m sure he’s seen them, or at least know where they are…” she was beginning to feel less sure of herself, but Brilla squared her shoulders and walked toward the deck officer.

“Deck officer,” she called, “Deck officer!  Have Knight Fallon or Knight Jacob checked in yet?   Do you know of their whereabouts?”  She asked the deck officer, who immediately began checking his clipboard with papers of the death toll on them.

“Uhmmm,” he said as he searched, “Oh, it says here that they are still M.I.A.  I’m sorry.  I’ll let you know if we get any information.”  The officer walked away.

Brilla’s heart sank.  Missing in Action.  That means one of two things.  A. they were dead and no one knew where they were, or B. they were captured by the enemy and probably killed.  Brilla bit her lip and walked back over to Zaren, who looked a nervous wreck.

“Anything?” he asked, and all Brilla was able to peep out was “M.I.A.” before she walked away.  Zaren felt incredibly nervous now.  He and Brilla were entrusted with the care of Cayden, Fallon’s brother, whenever Fallon and Jacob were out fighting.

The kid was only 2 ½ and it wouldn’t be easy to explain that his sister probably died fighting in battle.  He trudged back into the barracks, and plopped down on his bed.  How was he going to explain all this to Cay?  Just then, little almost 3 year old Cayden came toddling down the barrack hallway, heading toward Zaren quickly.

“Zaaen!!”  The little boy called, unable to pronounce his “r’s” so Zaren’s name was pronounced with a drawn out “a” sound.  The little boy bounded toward Zaren and jumped up onto his bunk.

“Zaaen!  Zaaen!!  Sissy back?” he begged excitedly.  Zaren winced.  He wished Brilla were here, she was SO much better at being gentle…she was a girl after all.

“Umm, little guy, I’ve got to tell you something.  You’re sister’s not coming back…..” Zaren said carefully.  Cayden looked perplexed.

“No?” he said.

“No.” Zaren said.  “I’m sorry Cay.  The other soldiers can’t find her.  She’s lost.”  Cayden’s eyes filled with tears.

“Why?  They no try!” he yelled.  Zaren tried to comfort the little boy, but there was no consoling him.  Brilla walked up just as Cayden took off running.

“What did you do?” she demanded.  Zaren looked sheepish.

“I uh…told him the truth?” he admitted, waiting for the girl to tell him off.  Brilla, being Brilla, began to yell at him.

“YOU IDIOT!  The boy’s only a baby!!!  You can’t go telling him his ONLY FAMILY MEMBER IS DEAD!!!!!!” she raged.  “OOH!!!  I’m SO going to kill you!  First I’m going to find Cay, you better beg the Good Lord for forgiveness for being so heartless!!!!”  After losing her temper she ran off after Cayden.

Zaren knew that Brilla was a great girl, but she had a temper that raged like a wildfire.  You didn’t want to be on opposing sides of her fight.   She never lost.  Brilla ran off after Cayden and found him in the small bedroom that he and Fallon shared.  He was holding a small sack and was sitting on Fallon’s bed.  He was sobbing.  Brilla mentally prepared herself and then walked over to the bedside to comfort the little boy.

“Come now Cayden,” she said her accent somehow making her voice even more soothing, “you’ll be okay.  No more tears.”  She brushed the tears from his eyes and then looked down at his sack.

“What’s that?” she asked.  Cayden pulled his sack to his chest and got off the bed.

“Mine.” He said and began to toddle away.  Brilla picked him up and placed him back on the bed.  She emptied the sack to find a compass, a toy telescope, a teddy bear, and a book.  “What are these?” she asked.

Cayden quickly put the things back in his sack and said, “Find sissy.  Not lost.   I find her.”  Brilla felt tears prick at the back of her eyes and she hugged Cayden.

“You are such a sweet little boy.  We’ll find your sister.  You don’t worry.”  She kissed his head and carried the little boy downstairs for dinner.


As carefully and gently as possible, Fallon untied the shirt that was covering Jacob’s side wound.  He was injured in other places…struck in the shoulder, sliced by a sword on his arm, and bruised and battered in a few other places, but his dagger wound to his side was by far the worst of them all.  She very gradually pulled the shirt off, and then placed the blood drenched shirt in the nearby stream.  The thing needed to be cleaned before she would put it back on Jacob’s body.  Ripping part of her own tunic and dabbing it with the cold stream water, she began to clean Jacob’s wound.

He gasped and groaned with pain, and Fallon tried her hardest not to cry for him.  Jacob’s breathing was already labored, and Fallon was nervous that infection had already set in.  That would definitely make things harder for them.  She poured the water over his side, and Jacob cried out in pain.  Fallon spoke kind and calming words to him, trying to, if anything, soothe her own fears.

Fallon noticed that tears of pain were dripping down Jacob’s face, and he was trying hard to hide it.   She continued to calm him and finished cleaning his deep wound.  She re-tied the shirt around him, after waiting for the sun to dry the damp tunic.  Fallon kissed his cheek and then helped Jacob back to his sitting position against the mossy rock.

“Jake..” she said, “Where else are you in pain?  I have to clean the wounds before they get infected and you….” She didn’t finish her sentence.  Jacob explained where his leg hurt, and Fallon already saw the wound to his shoulder.  Almost an hour later, Fallon was finished taking care of Jacob’s wounds, and let him rest.  Almost immediately, he fell asleep.

The wound to his shoulder was not that bad, it was stuck by an arrow and his forearm was sliced by a sword.  Fallon created a makeshift sling out of a part of her tunic, and then had moved on to his leg wound.  Jacob’s right calf was scratched by swords and brambles, resulting in several small cuts and a few larger ones.  After cleaning the cuts, Fallon wrapped the worse ones in a strip of fabric from her own tunic once again.

Her tunic dress, which was usually full length to her ankles, was now only about to her knees.  She wore breeches underneath, as all the knights did, so it didn’t look that bad.  After a while, she too fell asleep of exhaustion and in worry.

The two of them woke up a few hours later, while it was still daylight outside.  Fallon turned to find Jacob as awake as she was and was glad.

“You sure are looking better.” She commented and Jacob smiled.

“Only because I’ve got such a good nurse,” he replied, making Fallon smile.  Fallon thought a moment and spoke seriously to him.

“We really need to make a decision,” she said.

Jacob nodded and said, “You want to try and get back to the Kingdom?” he asked.  “Do you remember how far we were?”

Fallon looked around the forest and said, “Last I remember we were about a mile away from Canarak hill, and the Canar Base was five miles from there.”

Jacob whistled lowly, “That’s far,” he said, “I don’t know if I would make it…” he said quietly, and Fallon just nodded.

“I know.  You’re strong.  We’ll find a way…hopefully.  We’ll start slow, and we’ll start tomorrow, and try to get back to the base.”  Jacob nodded in agreement and smiled at her.

“I love you,” he stated and she just kissed him to return the statement.  Fallon snuggled next to him and they fell asleep again, this time for the night, in each other’s arms.


The next morning, Jacob woke up before Fallon did.  He was still very weak and injured, so he just lay where he was.   He smiled to himself.  Fallon was really pretty, even in sleep.  Her blue eyes were closed, and her brown hair was draped over her shoulder as she slept on her side, facing Jacob.

Jacob thought over what was happening and began to pray.  He didn’t know what would happen next, and he wasn’t sure if he would live long enough to find out.  Whether he liked it or not, he could feel that his pain was not subsiding.  His side was still bleeding, though not as badly as before.  With his good hand, he brushed Fallon’s soft pink cheek and kissed her.  He loved her so much, and knew that she was his reason for living.  He would try to pull through if anything, for her.  Jacob felt afraid for her.  If anything happened to him, she would be destroyed.

He was in pain.  Jacob felt his side, gently placing his hand over the bandage.  His hand came up bloody.  He knew that it was a bad sign.  He was weak, and probably had more injuries than he could count.  Jacob stoked Fallon’s dark hair and she stirred.

Smiling up at him, she whispered, “Good morning”.

Fallon sat up and ran her fingers though her tangled hair, and pulled it back with a leather cord she had in her pocket.  She smiled down at Jacob who still couldn’t move from his position on the ground, for fear of hurting himself further.  Fallon stood up and got her bearings.

“We should try and get moving.  I know that you can’t really…” her voice trailed off and she closed her mouth.  She felt like she was being insensitive or something.  Jacob just smiled and said, “No, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk to well, but what choice do we have?”  Fallon grinned and held out her hands.

“You want to try and get up?  Or not yet?” she asked him.  Jacob shrugged his good shoulder and said simply,

“There’s no time like the present!” and grabbed Fallon’s hand.  With great effort and even greater pain, Jacob got into a half standing position.  Putting almost all his weight on Fallon for support, the two of them started off in the forest, heading south, towards the Canar base.  Slowly but surely, the two made it almost a mile by the end of the day.

Fallon knew that this meant good progress.  She was worried though as she saw Jacob’s breathing become more and more labored and his face pale.  He looked sick and tired.  She helped him down to the ground and she set up a small camp for the night.   They rested peacefully together and soon drifted off to sleep.


A while later Fallon woke up to the sounds of animals prowling through the forest.  Nervously she stood up, checking on Jacob to make sure he was okay first.  Holding her sword at the ready, she prepared for whatever was coming.  She pointed her sword at a bush as it moved and was relieved to find only a small rabbit hopping out from underneath it.  Then, from behind the bunny, came a loud roar.

Horrified, Fallon turned to face the largest mountain lion she’d ever seen.  It was much longer than she was tall, and it had claws and teeth like razors.  It growled and pounced.  In the moonlight, Fallon saw the tags that jingled from the big cat’s neck.
The Outlanders.  They domesticated and trained mountain lions, bears and other ferocious creatures to hunt down enemies and kill their rivals in the middle of the night.  Bravely standing in front of still sleeping Jacob protectively, Fallon prepared to battle.

The lion pounced at her.  She cried out as its claws connected with her arm.  She grimaced in pain but kept fighting.  She slashed at the lion with her sword, knocking him down several times.  The lion pounced again, this time connecting with Fallon’s chest.  She was knocked to the ground, the wind taken out of her.  Her breastplate armor protected her from what could’ve been considerable wounds from the panther’s claws.  Jacob stirred behind her, and upon seeing the mountain lion, he became afraid for Fallon.

He tried to stand, but knew it was no use, and sat back down as pain richocheted around his side.  Fallon cried out his name from where she was fighting the professionally trained panther on the ground.

“Jacob!” she cried out, “Get away!!  Far away!!  He’s with them!  He’s trying to get us killed!”  Jacob, understanding her meaning began to inch away as carefully as he could.  Fallon stabbed the panther in the snout with her sword, causing the panther to call out in a loud roar of pain.

Fallon stood back up shakily.  She was injured.  Her arm was bleeding, and she felt slices in her back, but it was not as bad as it could’ve been, for she was still wearing most of her Knight’s armor.  The panther prowled away, still stalking his prey.

Then, it leaped from a nearby rock and attacked Fallon.  She screamed and fell down, unmoving.  Jacob yelled out and drawing his sword, tried to fight from his injured position on the ground.  With a single swipe of his paw, Jacob was knocked down too, next to Fallon on the ground.  Unable to stay conscious, Jacob let the darkness overcome him.

The Mountain Lion dragged Fallon and Jacob’s bodies to the small coach that was waiting for him.  The driver whipped the lion as he dumped Fallon and Jacob into the back.  Then the driver took off, leaving a beaten and bleeding Mountain lion lying on the ground, panting.



That alone is almost 9,000 words.  o.o

I like it.  It’s dramatic.  It’s romantic.  It’s fantastic!  So many tics!  xDDDD


JK, but I do really want to know what you think!!!!

Until I write more,

Fallon ❤


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