Oh My Freaking Force.

NaNoWriMo starts in 12 hours, 42 minutes and 20 seconds.

I am gonna scream.


Here’s a full description of my novel.  I’ll probably publish it here, or on my Fictionpress account.  😉

“17 year old Evelynn Campbell has been homeschooled her whole life. As a project for her social studies co-op, Evelynn is thrust into the crude and harsh world of Public High School. She re-connects with an old homeschool friend, Luke, who, despite Evelynn’s best efforts, can’t help but make her weak at the knees.

She blogs about all her adventures and mishaps, and the new friends she meets along the way. Soon, she learns that High School isn’t all fun and games. People are mean. They can be cruel. Evelynn is different. She’s never blended in, she’s always stood out. She dresses strange, talks too much, can argue anyone into anything, and does a frighteningly realistic Yoda impression. When the ‘mean girls’ threaten Evelynn with drama and peer pressure, what can she do to fight back?

Does she decide to stay at school, or continue her life as a homeschool student? What impression does the school leave on Evelynn? What impression does Evelynn leave on the school?

Using the grace of God and the wits of Princess Leia, can Evie manage to change the school?”


I am so stoked to write this thing.  🙂


Until later my friends….

Happy Halloween. ❤


Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis Bolton Klivian ❤
(And my list of names grows ever longer….Klivian is for Hobbie Klivian the X-Wing/Rogue pilot, whom I am madly in love with.  😉  )


Check It Out

Another thing my mom probably won’t know about….

A Tumblr!  😀  I got one so I could comment on other people’s accounts, for the Disney Tumblr I browse, and a few others.  😉  But apparently if you just want the account, you’ve gotta make a site.  XD  So I figured I could go ahead and just make the site, and post on it every so often, like this blog.  😉

Of course, To Thine Own Self Be True is my first, favorite and main blog, and these other littler blogs are just to help me around the internetz universe. 😉

Love you all, better posts to come soon,

Fally ❤