High School Musical

Shut up.  I am in LOVE with these movies.  Now leave me alone.  xD

Fanfiction, music, movies, pictures, I have them all.  😉

Troy Bolton.  I love this guy.  He’s what I want in a future boyfriend/husband….Troy mixed with Luke Skywalker would be my dream come true.  Literally.

My favorite movie is the second HSM, I remember when it came out I was so excited to see it, I planned an entire party for it based off of a special issue of People Magazine that I begged my parents to get for me.  XD  I still have that magazine.  😉

I’m watching HSM 2 as I type.  😉

For the record, I am NOT crazy…because the music in this movie is….well…..Fabulous, and the choreography is epic.

I saw the second movie over and over and over when it premiered, and now every chance I get to.  It’s such a sweet movie!!!!!

I ❤ Him.

AHHHH.  Troyella (Troy and Gabriella) are SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve read fanfics about them, and I can’t get enough of them.  So sweet.

My sister loved this song.  She still does.  And I do too.  My dance teacher who I help (Michelle, if you remember) often says “Fabulous” when teaching.  😉  I remember doing a dance to the Fabulous song in her class.  We also play “All For One” and a few other songs from HSM.  😉

Because of High School Musical, I break out into random song and dance numbers throughout the day.  😉   Aren’t I a dork?  xD

So ends my High School Musical mini-post…..I just wanted to get something new up on here.  😉  I’m going to do a better post for my birthday (which is on Monday!!!!) but for now I’m good.  😉
Love you all!!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis Bolton.  😉  ❤
And yes of course, my last name gains an extension.  😉


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