***This post is full of my opinions and semi-ranty thoughts.***

You’ve been warned……now on to the post.


I hate Halloween.  Today’s trip to the party store sealed that deal.  It is the dumbest holiday ever.

Seriously!!!  Why does anyone want to celebrate a holiday dedicated to scaring people????  I don’t care as much about the old traditions as much as I do the current ones.  >.>


Listen, I know it’s fake, I know it’s made up, I know it’s just lame costumes and latex masks and cheesy scary movies and such, but that doesn’t change how much the images stick in my head.  I have memories from when I was very young and getting extremely terrified over a movie I saw once called “The Boogie Man”.  It had an incredibly (non-existent) plot, and thinking back on it, the costumes and acting were both horrible, but when you are seven, and terrified of everything and anything that is considered ‘scary’, it was terrifying!!!  I can’t watch that movie to this day, and I’m a teenager, the said scariest thing on the planet.  😛  *sarcastic facial expression here*


When I was ten years old, I rode ‘The Haunted Mansion’ ride in Walt Disney World.  Once again, scarred for life.  I will not (and have not) ride it again.  I haven’t ridden it since that day, and I’m a huge pain in the neck to my family who wants to ride it, but I refuse to even go NEAR it.  I clung to my dad so tightly when I rode it 5 years ago that he had bruises on his arms.  >.<  I’m not kidding.

For me, Halloween is a stupid holiday where once a year, people dress up in freaky, overly fake and disgusting costumes and watch horror movies for FUN.  IN WHAT SANE AND GOOD WORLD IS THAT FUN????

I can’t do it.

My birthday is in October.  The party stores start putting Halloween stuff out in the second week of September.  >.>  Today I went shopping for birthday supplies.  Can I just say, “I HATE THE PARTY STORE!!!!”?  XD  I do.  I had to shield my eyes as we walked in.  I hate those creepy mass murderer things that are motion activated, so they start talking and make you jump as you walk past, unsuspecting.  My lovely cousin (who I love to death) is the bane of my life during Halloween time.  She LIKES all things creepy.  She enjoys the horror movies.  She loves “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (which I have not watched since I was 10) and she loves to prank me (and scare me) out of my mind each year.

I expect it.  I know it’s coming.  But I still fall for it.

Today in the party store, she did her annual ‘put a fake hand on Fallon’s shoulder and make her shriek like a little girl’ gig.  I should know by now that she is going to do it.  SIX YEARS PEOPLE.  I HAVE GOTTEN A FAKE, BLOODY HAND ON MY SHOULDER FOR SIX YEARS UNSUSPECTING BY MY COUSIN.  SIX YEARS.

And I still fall for it.  I screamed like a little girl (well, kinda, I had bronchitis, so my voice is still a bit hoarse from being sick earlier this week), so it came out more like a shriek/gag with coughing and choking mixed in with a few Star Wars curse words.  😛  *sarcastic facial expression here too*

I also hate the craft store at Halloween time, and sometimes even Wal-Mart.  >.>

I’m always on my guard more during Halloween.  I scare easily, so I’m an easy target for my parents, sister and cousin to prank.  😛  I am used to being jumped out at from under beds, behind doors, around corners, and under tables and such, followed by a ‘Boo’ or ‘HAHA YOU SHOULDA SEEN YOUR FACE’.  *rolls eyes*

I do participate in Halloween.  I dress up, I get free candy, and I eat my free candy thinking “What suckers, they think I enjoy this time of year.  They are wrong.  I hate it, but I will do anything for my free candy.”

Because, Halloween is the one day a year where you can dress up and take free candy from strangers at my age without being looked at like you belong in a mental hospital.  *eye roll AND sarcastic facial expression here*

We go Trick-Or-Treating in my grandma’s neighborhood each year, and there are two houses that I LOVE.  One is my grandma’s neighbor, and she buys special things JUST FOR US.  (Me, my sister and my cousin).  😀 😀 😀  Sometimes it’s a big candy bar, sometimes it’s a cracker jack, sometimes it’s a box of candy, and sometimes it’s a little game or something!!!  I love Mrs. Ida’s house.  😉

The other house is on our ‘route’ around the neighborhood, and its’ towards the back, when we’re on the way home.  THEY GIVE OUT SODA!!!!!!!  Man, I love those people.  They sit in their driveways with sodas and waters in a cooler filled with ice.

People, I live in Florida.  It is hot, it is ALWAYS humid, and it wouldn’t be Halloween around here if it wasn’t rainy.  So I am sweating like a banshee (along with the rest of my family) and that ice cold soda is the best thing we received all night.

Two houses I hate with all that I have in me (don’t quote me now Master Yoda, I’m on a roll!).  XD  One is the home of these super nice people with three dogs who I like every other day of the year, except on Halloween.  The guy always dresses up in some weird costume and sits in the driveway holding a bowl of candy, sitting totally still until you come over to get the candy, then he either lurches at you, or growls or SOMETHING.  They have smoke machines there, and have decorations and lights and the whole she-bang.  I like their house MUCH BETTER at Christmas time.  xD

The other house is the most popular one in the whole neighborhood.  The Haunted House.  They decorate to the nines there, with smoke machines, lights, music, coffins and EVERYTHING that the party store sells to scare people.  I won’t go in there.  I haven’t, I never will.  The only reward is for braving the haunted house, they give out big candy bars.  I remember last year, there was a guy laying on the lawn, in a coffin, and as I walked by, he moaned in a dead-sounding voice, “GO AWAYYYY” and I said, “I AM!!!” and I ran the other way, up two houses, waiting for my family, who were laughing hysterically at the teenager who was afraid of some guy dressed up.  >.> *angry eyes*


Anyway, I do Halloween for the candy.  That’s it.  Because Candy is goodness, truth, and beauty.  As I told my sister, “Is Halloween Good, True, and Beautiful?  I DON’T THINK SO!!!  Scaring people for FUN?  Dressing up like horrible monsters and scary things?  NOO!!!!  But candy?  Candy is GOOD.  It is TRUE and MAN is it BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!”  😉  Exact quote.

My sister loves Halloween.  She thinks it’s fun to get scared once a year.  She likes it.  So does my cousin.  My parents don’t care, they just let us have our fun.  And then they make fun of me, which I guess brings them pleasure…but my parents are weird.  *eye roll*

Now you all are going to think I am a wimp.  A bigger wimp than I already am.  ;(  *sigh*  I am not really, Star Wars has hardened me up, as has Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings.  But I am just very sensitive about Halloween, because of the things mentioned above.  I apologize for this ranty post……it’s probably slightly offensive to some, so don’t be mean in comments, I don’t have the energy to care about haters.  xD  I’ll be praying for you haters, since that’s all I can do.  😉

Alright, I am typing this at almost 2am before I go to sleep.  See you all later, Love you and have a happy first day of Fall!!!!

(Btw, I’m totally all for Autumn, just not the Halloween-y aspect.  Talk to me at Thanksgiving, that is my FAVORITE time of year. 😉 Seriously!  Expect a post on that when it gets closer to the time.  xD)

Love you all!!!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis <333


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. XDD I love ya, Fal! This post is very true, but also very funny! xDDD

    I HATE those creepy blood mask things!! And I always shield my eyes from anything demonistic looking involved with Halloween because I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. o.o

    I actually like trying to scare people and getting scared though. ;P But I’m careful to whom I do it to. Not everyone finds it funny/fun.

    Overall, Halloween isn’t a very nice holiday, but it has it’s good points. Candy, dressing up in costumes (PRINCESS LEIA, YAY!), eating candy, carving pumkins, eating more candy, going to costume parties, eating more candy……I think you get my point. XD I am a sucker for costumes……and candy. ;P

    -Ley <333

  2. Girl, I swear, you are totally my twin. Every single thing you said in this post sums up my thoughts on Halloween.

    I love your “People, I live in Florida” statement because it’s completely TRUE!! I remember going trick-or-treating when I was little. It was always so darn hot!!

  3. I SO agree with you! Outside of the candy and the ‘nice’ costumes, I totally don’t do Halloween. It’s so . . . . demonic, ya know? It’s like celebrating death; with all the mummies and ghosts and blood and blaw. Just totally disgusting. My parents have never taken me trick-or-treating; the closest thing I’ve done to it is the Harvest Parties my church would do. I was really little then. I went as Larry-Boy once. 😛 If I did go trick-or-treating, though, I would so go as Darth Vadar!!! 😛

    Excellent post! {hugs!}

    ~Jamie Joyce

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