High School Musical

Shut up.  I am in LOVE with these movies.  Now leave me alone.  xD

Fanfiction, music, movies, pictures, I have them all.  😉

Troy Bolton.  I love this guy.  He’s what I want in a future boyfriend/husband….Troy mixed with Luke Skywalker would be my dream come true.  Literally.

My favorite movie is the second HSM, I remember when it came out I was so excited to see it, I planned an entire party for it based off of a special issue of People Magazine that I begged my parents to get for me.  XD  I still have that magazine.  😉

I’m watching HSM 2 as I type.  😉

For the record, I am NOT crazy…because the music in this movie is….well…..Fabulous, and the choreography is epic.

I saw the second movie over and over and over when it premiered, and now every chance I get to.  It’s such a sweet movie!!!!!

I ❤ Him.

AHHHH.  Troyella (Troy and Gabriella) are SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve read fanfics about them, and I can’t get enough of them.  So sweet.

My sister loved this song.  She still does.  And I do too.  My dance teacher who I help (Michelle, if you remember) often says “Fabulous” when teaching.  😉  I remember doing a dance to the Fabulous song in her class.  We also play “All For One” and a few other songs from HSM.  😉

Because of High School Musical, I break out into random song and dance numbers throughout the day.  😉   Aren’t I a dork?  xD

So ends my High School Musical mini-post…..I just wanted to get something new up on here.  😉  I’m going to do a better post for my birthday (which is on Monday!!!!) but for now I’m good.  😉
Love you all!!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis Bolton.  😉  ❤
And yes of course, my last name gains an extension.  😉


Time for a Fangirl Post…

I am thinking about posting my Halloween post from here on my Blogger Blog, To Thine Own Self Be True.  🙂  What do you think?  Go for it?  Or no?  Anyway…..it’s time for a fangirl post again.  😉  It’s been too long.  xD

Fanfiction.  Let’s go with that.  😉

I had a post in progress for that, and I still might post it, but later.  😉  This post will just be a list of links, followed by a few of my own personal reviews.


G= Good For All Ages

PG= If You’re Not Older Than 12 Don’t Read

PG 13= Older Than 13 Only!

T= TEENS ONLY!!  Older Than 14 Preferably.

R, M, X= These won’t even be here, because I’ve never read a fic rated above T.  xD

OKAAYYY, here we go.  😉

This is (right now) my favorite fanfic.  😉

Mara The Rebel (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7058415/1/)
This story is fantastic.  🙂  It’s about if Mara Jade defected from the Empire after ANH.  IT IS JUST SO GOOD!!!!  I’d rate it a PG 13, only because of stuff that happens in later chapters.  😉  I highly recommend this one.  😉


I, Mara Jade (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6496883/1/)
Oh my gosh.  This is one of the best fics ever.  I laugh, I cry, I squeal…..I cry some more….it’s fantastic.  😉  Total Luke and Mara fic, and a complete novel too!!!!!  One scene in here makes it a high T rating.  But that scene is later in the story, and can easily be skipped over.  🙂
I sob like a baby over this story.  Tragic romance…..until it has the happy ending of course.  I remember last time I read it (like, the fifth time I read it….) I was driving home from a viola lesson with my dad, and in the car I read the next chapter of it on my iPod Touch, and I burst into tears, sobbing the WHOLE WAY HOME.  My dad didn’t exactly know what to do, because I was hysterical.  XD  I had read it four times before and I was STILL sobbing!!!!  xDDD


Shattered Remembrance (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4867819/1/)
Man.  Another tear-jerker……I cry each time I read this one too, but it’s so good, I’ve read it three times.  😉  Probably a PG rating….but only because there are some more deep thoughts and danger and such.  😉  And injury.  Yeah.  That’s a BIG one….xD  I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this one.  😉


The Awakening: Revised Edition (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5528000/1/)
This story is beyond incredible.  It’s a very high T though, because there are a lot of love-romance scenes that young readers should not read.  Over all, it’s amazing.  It’s extremely family centered, and the plot of it is so deep and incredible I cried more than once.  I would seriously scream my head off whenever it was updated I was so thrilled.  😉  It’s so good.


Okay, now there are some authors who are so good I read all their stories!!!!!  Here’s a bunch of great authors, who you can read just about any of their stories!  😀

GreatOne (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/396598/)
She is one of my favorite authors on FF.net.  😀  All her stories are either hilarious, perfect, amazing, or make me scream my head off with joy. xD  Go read them.  Most are rated either PG or PG 13, so feel free to read just about any of them.  Some of my favorites by her are….

The Death and Life of Han Solo  (BEST CROSS-OVER FIC EVER!!!!)
How Han Solo Became a Hero (I laughed so hard I cried!!!!)
Separate Lives
Broken Circle (I SOBBED!!!)
Blind Ambitions (Sequel to Endless Night)
Thimberlig Gambit  (Second best Cross-Over fic ever!!!)
Exchanging Places (So hysterical, I almost died laughing.)
Youthful Indescretions (Again, so hysterical I laughed til I cried!)


JediMara77 (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2574190/)
She writes the best Luke and Mara fics, definitely read her stuff.  Some of it is T rated though, so look before reading!!  😉


Hazel04 (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2527997/)
Her Luke and Mara fics are awesome too!!!!!!!!  Everything is pretty safe…a few of the fics in the Fireworks of the Soul Series are a bit high T rated though.  😉  Here are my favorites…

How I Met Your Mother (so cute…SOOO CUTTEEEE)
Fireworks Of The Soul Series (AHH SO ROMANTIC AND JUST GREAT!!!)
The Night Is Young
Misery Loves Company

Shy Snootles (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/262894/)
WOW.  This author is DEEEEEEEEEP.  So deep she makes me cry.  Go read any of those stories, all are safe.  Here are a few of my favorites….

A Skywalker By Any Other Name (Again, I cried)
Exactly the Way I Planned


Jedi-2B (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/262148/)
Really good fics!!!!  Mostly one-shots, but AWESOME ONES!!!  😀  All are safe.  😉 My favorites….

Shattered Remembrance (posted above)
The Pitter Patter of Little Feet
That’s Mine!
Your Bestest Friend
My Always
You’re Too Old For This…


Lynn O.o (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2175500/)
Great fics, though some are a high T rating.  😉  SOOO GOOD THOUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  My faves….

Mara, The Rebel
A More Perfect Future (This one is insanely good!!!!  I am in love with it!!!!)
Man Code
Object of His Attention (this one is a high T rating!!!)


And Now For My Friends……
Endor Solo (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2818819/)
I beta-read for her fic, Suffering and Silence!!! 😀

Bluesaber3 (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2524046/)
Not-So-Normal Week series is the most hilarious story ever written EVER!!!!  The finale is today, and I’m reading the super long last chapter now!!!  I have already laughed so hard I’ve cried ten times!  xD

Inksaber (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2773743/)
Her fic, After the Storm is one of the BEST Anakin and Ahsoka FRIENDSHIP fics ever written.  😀  I’m reading the sequel now!!!

JediKnightGrl (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3081728/)
This girl is an AMAZING author.  🙂  She needs to post more!!! XD  But the one-shot she posted is SOOO one of my top favorites!  😀

SnipsSkywalker (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2634353/)
Snips is a friend of mine from Lakehouse,  as are all these girls mentioned above (and below) and her stories are just as random and crazy as Blue’s!!!!!  Very funny though, worth the read. 😉

Emma Solo (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2528703/)
I betaread for her as well!!!!!!  😀  She’s awesome!  Go read her Han and Leia stories!!!!  🙂

Darth Tromeros (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2819677/)
Also a friend of mine….her stories are just EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!  😀  Han and Leia one-shots, but so beautifully written!!!!!!!!!!  😀  I don’t think she’s written anything I don’t like!! 😉

Arliss Starborn (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3053943/)
This chick is amazing.  😉  She’s writing a Obi-Wan and Satine story, and I am betareading it for her!!!!  XD  It is just awesome, as is she!!!  Go check her story out, it’s great!!!!

Alijoe13 (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2295763/)
Friend from TLF, she’s so sweet, and her stories are awesome!!!!!!!  😀  Check her out!!!!!  🙂

Jennifer Liberty (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3235200/)
Better known as my good friend Jamie Joyce….she’s written a really cool story that’s a tribute to Han Solo!!!!!  😀  Yay!!!!

Nisha A. Hailm (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2355706/)
Technically not a Lakehouse friend, but she has written the best Rex/Ahsoka fanfic ever!!!!!  Not Once In A Galaxy made me really fall in love with the pairing.  😉  So cute.  ❤


I think that concludes my list of stories and authors…….I leave you with this note……..I HAVE A FANFIC ACCOUNT TOO YOU KNOW!!!!  I AM AN AVID READER/WRITER/BETAREADER OF FANFICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀  😀  😀

So go visit:
Fallon Skywalker (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2969066/Fallon_Skywalker)
I write stories for Han and Leia, Luke and Mara, Luke Skywalker, Anakin and Ahsoka (FRIENDSHIP ONLY!!!), Anakin and Padme, and also Johnny Tremain!  😉  My story Reaching for the Stars and it’s sequel Celestial Eclipse is all about my OC characters, who have now become an extension of me practically, since I think about them CONSTANTLY.  XD  You can also read Reaching for the Stars on here, just click the page and you’ll find the WHOLE story written out in a post on a page.  O.O

Okay, enough shameless promotion.  😉  I love you all, thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis <333

P.S. I’m gonna change some stuff around my blog, to make it look a little different….so be prepared for the “Under Construction”-ness of it, coming soon.  XD


***This post is full of my opinions and semi-ranty thoughts.***

You’ve been warned……now on to the post.


I hate Halloween.  Today’s trip to the party store sealed that deal.  It is the dumbest holiday ever.

Seriously!!!  Why does anyone want to celebrate a holiday dedicated to scaring people????  I don’t care as much about the old traditions as much as I do the current ones.  >.>


Listen, I know it’s fake, I know it’s made up, I know it’s just lame costumes and latex masks and cheesy scary movies and such, but that doesn’t change how much the images stick in my head.  I have memories from when I was very young and getting extremely terrified over a movie I saw once called “The Boogie Man”.  It had an incredibly (non-existent) plot, and thinking back on it, the costumes and acting were both horrible, but when you are seven, and terrified of everything and anything that is considered ‘scary’, it was terrifying!!!  I can’t watch that movie to this day, and I’m a teenager, the said scariest thing on the planet.  😛  *sarcastic facial expression here*


When I was ten years old, I rode ‘The Haunted Mansion’ ride in Walt Disney World.  Once again, scarred for life.  I will not (and have not) ride it again.  I haven’t ridden it since that day, and I’m a huge pain in the neck to my family who wants to ride it, but I refuse to even go NEAR it.  I clung to my dad so tightly when I rode it 5 years ago that he had bruises on his arms.  >.<  I’m not kidding.

For me, Halloween is a stupid holiday where once a year, people dress up in freaky, overly fake and disgusting costumes and watch horror movies for FUN.  IN WHAT SANE AND GOOD WORLD IS THAT FUN????

I can’t do it.

My birthday is in October.  The party stores start putting Halloween stuff out in the second week of September.  >.>  Today I went shopping for birthday supplies.  Can I just say, “I HATE THE PARTY STORE!!!!”?  XD  I do.  I had to shield my eyes as we walked in.  I hate those creepy mass murderer things that are motion activated, so they start talking and make you jump as you walk past, unsuspecting.  My lovely cousin (who I love to death) is the bane of my life during Halloween time.  She LIKES all things creepy.  She enjoys the horror movies.  She loves “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (which I have not watched since I was 10) and she loves to prank me (and scare me) out of my mind each year.

I expect it.  I know it’s coming.  But I still fall for it.

Today in the party store, she did her annual ‘put a fake hand on Fallon’s shoulder and make her shriek like a little girl’ gig.  I should know by now that she is going to do it.  SIX YEARS PEOPLE.  I HAVE GOTTEN A FAKE, BLOODY HAND ON MY SHOULDER FOR SIX YEARS UNSUSPECTING BY MY COUSIN.  SIX YEARS.

And I still fall for it.  I screamed like a little girl (well, kinda, I had bronchitis, so my voice is still a bit hoarse from being sick earlier this week), so it came out more like a shriek/gag with coughing and choking mixed in with a few Star Wars curse words.  😛  *sarcastic facial expression here too*

I also hate the craft store at Halloween time, and sometimes even Wal-Mart.  >.>

I’m always on my guard more during Halloween.  I scare easily, so I’m an easy target for my parents, sister and cousin to prank.  😛  I am used to being jumped out at from under beds, behind doors, around corners, and under tables and such, followed by a ‘Boo’ or ‘HAHA YOU SHOULDA SEEN YOUR FACE’.  *rolls eyes*

I do participate in Halloween.  I dress up, I get free candy, and I eat my free candy thinking “What suckers, they think I enjoy this time of year.  They are wrong.  I hate it, but I will do anything for my free candy.”

Because, Halloween is the one day a year where you can dress up and take free candy from strangers at my age without being looked at like you belong in a mental hospital.  *eye roll AND sarcastic facial expression here*

We go Trick-Or-Treating in my grandma’s neighborhood each year, and there are two houses that I LOVE.  One is my grandma’s neighbor, and she buys special things JUST FOR US.  (Me, my sister and my cousin).  😀 😀 😀  Sometimes it’s a big candy bar, sometimes it’s a cracker jack, sometimes it’s a box of candy, and sometimes it’s a little game or something!!!  I love Mrs. Ida’s house.  😉

The other house is on our ‘route’ around the neighborhood, and its’ towards the back, when we’re on the way home.  THEY GIVE OUT SODA!!!!!!!  Man, I love those people.  They sit in their driveways with sodas and waters in a cooler filled with ice.

People, I live in Florida.  It is hot, it is ALWAYS humid, and it wouldn’t be Halloween around here if it wasn’t rainy.  So I am sweating like a banshee (along with the rest of my family) and that ice cold soda is the best thing we received all night.

Two houses I hate with all that I have in me (don’t quote me now Master Yoda, I’m on a roll!).  XD  One is the home of these super nice people with three dogs who I like every other day of the year, except on Halloween.  The guy always dresses up in some weird costume and sits in the driveway holding a bowl of candy, sitting totally still until you come over to get the candy, then he either lurches at you, or growls or SOMETHING.  They have smoke machines there, and have decorations and lights and the whole she-bang.  I like their house MUCH BETTER at Christmas time.  xD

The other house is the most popular one in the whole neighborhood.  The Haunted House.  They decorate to the nines there, with smoke machines, lights, music, coffins and EVERYTHING that the party store sells to scare people.  I won’t go in there.  I haven’t, I never will.  The only reward is for braving the haunted house, they give out big candy bars.  I remember last year, there was a guy laying on the lawn, in a coffin, and as I walked by, he moaned in a dead-sounding voice, “GO AWAYYYY” and I said, “I AM!!!” and I ran the other way, up two houses, waiting for my family, who were laughing hysterically at the teenager who was afraid of some guy dressed up.  >.> *angry eyes*


Anyway, I do Halloween for the candy.  That’s it.  Because Candy is goodness, truth, and beauty.  As I told my sister, “Is Halloween Good, True, and Beautiful?  I DON’T THINK SO!!!  Scaring people for FUN?  Dressing up like horrible monsters and scary things?  NOO!!!!  But candy?  Candy is GOOD.  It is TRUE and MAN is it BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!”  😉  Exact quote.

My sister loves Halloween.  She thinks it’s fun to get scared once a year.  She likes it.  So does my cousin.  My parents don’t care, they just let us have our fun.  And then they make fun of me, which I guess brings them pleasure…but my parents are weird.  *eye roll*

Now you all are going to think I am a wimp.  A bigger wimp than I already am.  ;(  *sigh*  I am not really, Star Wars has hardened me up, as has Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings.  But I am just very sensitive about Halloween, because of the things mentioned above.  I apologize for this ranty post……it’s probably slightly offensive to some, so don’t be mean in comments, I don’t have the energy to care about haters.  xD  I’ll be praying for you haters, since that’s all I can do.  😉

Alright, I am typing this at almost 2am before I go to sleep.  See you all later, Love you and have a happy first day of Fall!!!!

(Btw, I’m totally all for Autumn, just not the Halloween-y aspect.  Talk to me at Thanksgiving, that is my FAVORITE time of year. 😉 Seriously!  Expect a post on that when it gets closer to the time.  xD)

Love you all!!!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis <333

Specter of the Past

Review of Book Specter of the Past by Timothy Zahn.  🙂


I loved it!  The plot was great, the characters were captured PERFECTLY and there were some funny parts too!!  😀

I won’t give anything away, because it is an AMAZING book…..but I will leave you with these brief ratings….


Overall Rating:  10/10  The book exceeded my expectations.  🙂

Character Rating:  Well, this rating is for character ‘correctness’ because it is a Star Wars novel, and is technically a Fanfic, and not all the characters are always captured ‘accurately’.  For Specter of the Past, I give the character rating 10/10.  🙂  Timothy Zahn is THE best Star Wars author, and he captured all these characters PERFECTLY.  🙂

Rating from Christian/Modest POV:  This rating is essentially saying “was it appropriate, did it have any explicit scenes, etc.” the rating for this is 9/10, since there were some very violent scenes, and the bad guys were….well…..bad.  XD

Whenever I review books or movies from now on, I would write them like this.  🙂

So you all need to go out and either buy and read, or reread or just read in general, Timothy Zahn’s Specter of the Past, because it is was beyond amazing.  🙂  I am off to read the sequel, Visions of the Future.  😉

Love you all!!!!

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis <333

P.S. The next post I will do will most likely be a ranty ‘halloween’ post, so beware…my opinions about Halloween are not the average opinions of it…..xD  And that post is already in motion, so whatever.  😉  Enough with the ‘P.S.’.  Comment!  Talk to y’all later!!!

I am officially a Hopeless Romantic

Isn’t it pathetic?  I know it is.  But it’s true.  I am a hopeless romantic.

I watched the Hallmark Channel’s “Love Begins” movie last night.  Yes, I DO watch the Hallmark Channel!!!!!  I watch Little House on the Prairie on that channel, and a few other shows too.  😉


Anyway….Love Begins was an AMAZING movie.  Jamie Joyce, you’d LOVE IT.  😀  It is a romantic girl’s dream.  It takes place during the gold rush….but this town that the movie takes place in is somewhere in Texas (I believe).

I just was going through pictures on websites from this movie and it is official.  I AM IN LOVE.  ❤


I’ll break down the movie/characters now.  😉

Okay, like I said, it takes place during the Gold Rush.  The town is somewhere in Texas (I think) and it’s got a super cute little town.  🙂

Ellen and Cassie Barlow live by themselves on their family farm, since their Father died a while back.  They’re having problems keeping up the farm by themselves, but Ellen is stubborn and refuses to get help from someone in town.  Then a really bad storm hits and destroys the barn door and part of their garden, and Ellen starts warming up to the idea of hiring some help.

Ellen and Cassie are in town for some supplies when they stop in their friend Millie’s restaurant.  A fight breaks out in the diner, and Ellen takes Cassie home.

Clark Davis was in the fight at Millie’s.  But he feels really bad about ruining Millie’s shop, because of his idiot friend who doesn’t use his brain.  😛  Clark and his friend (who’s name escapes me…) are thrown in jail.  His friend breaks out, while Clark stays to right his wrongs.  🙂

Ellen grudgingly hires  Clark to come work on her farm, so he can pay off his debt to Millie.  Well….the rest is history.  🙂

At first she hates him.  Then they warm up to each other, and then it turns into something more.  😀


Ellen Barlow:

Ellen is a hard worker, but she’s incredibly stubborn.  She lives with her younger sister Cassie on the family farm.  She harbors hard feelings for people after the Gold in California (like Clark was before coming upon their town..) because her old boyfriend left for Cali and never wrote, contacted or came home.  She ends up falling in love with her hired hand, Clark Davis.

Cassie Barlow:

Cassie is a little more easy-going than her older sister Ellen.  She befriends Clark almost immediately and helps her sister see the light.  😉

Clark Davis:

Clark dreams of adventure, travel and gold.  He aimed to go to California, after the gold in the hills there.  After his friend since childhood abandonded him and left him in jail (great friend, huh?) Clark decided to stay in Town and pay his debt to Mrs. Millie.  He was hired out to the Barlow family farm, and ended up falling in love with Ellen Barlow.  🙂

oh my force he is so hot!!!! XD


Millie owns the restaurant in town and is known for her pie.  🙂  She’s a good friend of Ellen Barlow and her daughter (Rose) is best friends with Cassie Barlow.  Millie forgives Clark for wrecking her store, and ends up treating him like a friend.  😀


Now……more pictures!  😀

.....AHHHHHH SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is my current laptop wallpaper. :3


Well, that was an amazing movie.  BEST PART?????

It was romantic.  BUT that’s not the BESTEST part.  😉

Bestest part???  It was a Christian movie. 😀  Clark was led (back) to the Lord through Ellen’s faith.  😀  I loved that part.  🙂  I like when they prayed at Sunday Dinner.  And when……Never mind.  SPOILERS!  XD  I won’t say.  😉


So, go look up this movie!  😉  I am STILL fangirling about it. 😉

Love you all!!!!

Love Begins….

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn Davis (yes, yes, it’s yet again longer…)  😉  <333

P.S. This post will probably be copy and pasted onto my Blogger Blog.  😀


TRON Legacy = Fangirl’s Dream



I watched TRON Legacy for the first time over the weekend while sleeping over at Maryanna’s house.




I AM GOING TO DIE IT WAS SO EPILY AWESOME I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN IT EVERYONE WITH A TV GO BUY OR RENT THIS MOVIE AND SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*takes deep breaths*

Okay.  So this movie was…in a word, AWESOME.  In two words EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS.

I can honestly say that I have wanted to see this movie, but only because my girlfriends over at The Lakehouse Forums told me how awesome it was.  Clu and Rinzler fangirls, JediKnightGrl and Rex’sgirl made me CRAVE to see this movie.  XD

Well, I’ve seen it.  And ten minutes in I was hooked.  😉

First of all, Sam Flynn…the main character, is SO HOT.  SOOOO HOT.  XD  Every ten minutes, Maryanna or I would gasp, sigh, squeal or breathe ‘he’s so hot!’.  XD  Seriously.  We were pathetic.  😛

I half expected this movie to be a ‘nerdy sci-fi movie’, I mean, it’s about a living video game.  😛  But I was SO WRONG.  It was sci-fi-y with the whole, ‘other world, different dimension’ feel to it, but it was just kriffing AWESOME with the plot line too!!!!!  😀  There was a very cool plot, and the characters were believable and extremely well cast.  Sam and Kevin Flynn’s father-son relationship was just perfect.

Now let me break down the characters a bit….for those of you who care enough to find out…

Kevin Flynn:

Creator of ENCOM, video game designer, owner of Flynn’s Arcade.  He created the world of TRON.  🙂  Kevin goes missing when he went to work one day, and was never seen again, leaving his young son Sam alone.  😦

Sam Flynn:

Son of Kevin, rightful owner of ENCOM, though he wants nothing to do with it.  He pranks the company once a year, because he feels it has totally gotten off track of his father’s original dream, and can’t be around things like that.  He lives in a garage in a garbage dump, with his dog and motorcycle.  When going to the old Arcade, Sam accidentally gets sucked into the World of TRON, and is amazed to find the stories his dad told him when he was little were real.  😉

You are seriously insane if you don’t think he’s hot.  XD

*faints*  😉


QUORRA IS AWESOME.  She’s an ISO (spelling?), a life form that Kevin Flynn created as apart of the TRON Universe.  She’s the only ISO who survived the ‘purge’.  Quorra and Sam become friends (and maybe even more than that….)  😉  Quorra is the heroine of the movie….since all good movies need one.  😉


Clu is the bad guy!!!  My dear sistah JediKnightGrl is in love with a villain!!!  XD  LOL!  😉  Clu is actually pretty awesome in his own evil way.  Clu was created by Kevin to create the ‘Perfect System’ in the TRON world while Kevin lived in the real world.  But Clu got too smart and decided that to create a truly PERFECT system, he needed total power.  He overthrew the good that Kevin had done and sent Kevin into hiding.  He also messed with Tron (RINZLER)’s head, and made him a minion of his evil-ness.  o.o  In the words of JediKnightGrl….Clu is just misunderstood.  He thinks he’s doing as Kevin asked, creating the PERFECT system.  😉


Okay, at first I was SOOOO confused.  XD  Rinzler and Tron are the same person.  Tron was the original hero that Kevin created, and Tron tried to protect Kevin when Clu tried to kill him.  But Clu took Tron hostage and turned him into Rinzler, who is also misunderstood.  XD  Rinzler is really cool actually, he fights with two lightdisks and has mad lightcycle skills!  😉


Gem is one of the weird girls who come and get Sam ready for ‘The Games’.  She’s actually not that great, in my opinion.  I like her hair though.  XD

See?  Cool hair!!!!!!!!!  😀


He’s the guy who owns the bar, is the perfect entertainer, supposed helper of Kevin Flynn or Quorra or someone.  I knew the second he came on screen he was a bad guy.  XD  He annoyed me.  😛


It was original, had good depth, and I loved the overall message from Kevin.  Perfect is impossible, the real perfection was right in front of him (his son, Sam) and he was missing it.  😉  I nearly cried.

The Ending:

All good movies have some kind of epic ending, some climatic explosion or light effect to make it so impact worthy.  Seriously, think about it!  Almost every movie ends with some kind of explosion, light show, fireworks, fire, or something else similar.  Want proof?  Fine.




See???  Well, TRON was no exception (See last Picture).  That was just so epic.  I almost burst into tears in the heat of the moment.  XD  It was AWESOME.  SO SO AWESOME.  Seriously.  I loved it.  Two crossover pictures that have made me smile for hours on end…..

Guess what picture is my FAVORITE EVER now???  XD

😀  😀  😀  😀

So now you see……..TRON Legacy is incredible.  I hope you all go watch it immediately!  I must OWN TRON STUFF AND THE TRON MOVIE!  😀  It was just too good.  😉  Okay, now there’s just one thing left to say…..

“It’s the End of the Line, Man.”  😉

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy Jones Flynn ❤ (my name seems to get longer and longer by the day!)  😉

What a Wonderful Day!

I am having a good day.  I literally JUST posted on my Blogger Blog last night/this morning/yesterday, so I am just going to post here instead.  😉

I am having a GOOD day!  We’ve been doing school all day, and enjoying ourselves.  My mom hasn’t yelled much, my sister and I have goofed off enough to get our sillies out, and now we’re on a break!!  🙂

My school work this year is VERY complicated.  Our new program is nuts.  XD  It’s only the first week in and I’m stressed.  But so far, we’re having a good time, and it’s  not /too/ bad.  Yet.

My mom was so hilarious this morning.  My mom is a HUGE Star Wars fangirl….almost as bad as me.  O.o  So she wore her Her Universe T-shirt today, (the Han and Leia ‘I Know’ shirt) and she wore her ‘Corellian’ shoes today.  XD  During spelling she was teaching my sister her words, and used one in a sentence.  xD

Mom:  “Chin.  Han Solo has a scar on his chin.”

Me:  “BA HAHAHA!!!”  *spits out water she was drinking*  xD

Mom:  “What???”

Me:  *facepalm*  XDD

That was so much fun.  XD

Tomorrow is Saints, our P.E. group.  I LOVE P.E.!!!!!!!  I get to see my friends, have fun playing sports (even though I don’ t like sports) and I get to talk about Star Wars.  xD

My lead coach this year is Coach…..(gimme a sec to think up an internet name for him…) Coach…..Coach Darth Bane.  XD  Seriously, he likes the Darth Bane books, so that should work for him.  😉

Anyways, Coach Darth Bane is my lead coach this year, and he’s one of my favorite coaches at Saints.  😉  Darth Bane is funny, nice, and he loves Star Wars!!!!!!  So I can fangirl and share my knowledge of the Star Wars Universe all I want.  XD  He even invited me and my BFF Maryanna to join his ‘Jedi Order’.  XD  LOL!!!!

So…I’m excited to talk with Darth Bane, and meet up with Maryanna again, since we talk all through the week anyway.  XD  This weekend, my mom and dad are going to a Brad Paisley concert, and my sister and I are sleeping over at Maryanna’s house while they enjoy a night alone.  😉  I am SO excited!!!!!  Maryanna’s mom is super fun at sleepovers.  We have no bed-time, as long as we’re quiet and don’t make a huge mess.  XD  Maryanna said we can have a movie marathon too!!  Which means we will be watching everything under the sun, since Maryanna has ALL kinds of awesome movies!  LOL!!!

Now it is raining.  Badly.  Like, thunder, lighting, pouring down rain….but I don’t mind.  The rain cools everything off down here, and we need that.  XD  I’m kinda hoping that it is nice out tomorrow, because it has been SOOOO hot lately.  😛

Also, tomorrow is dance day!  I help in two classes now at the dance studio, and all the girls there are SO sweet.  😀  I made a little girl cry though last week, because she thought I was replacing Michelle (the studio owner/teacher I help/dance teacher).  XD  Michelle assured her that she was still the teacher, and that I was just the helper.  😉  I felt bad though.  ;P

Anywho…I’m excited to go help in dance, and to see Chibi (my cousin, also my twin practically), since we take Jazz together.  🙂  Ms. Tara is our teacher for Jazz and she is so AWESOME!!!!!!  I have a few friends in dance, and I’m glad that Ms. Tara is a nice teacher.  😉

Sorry this wasn’t much of a fangirl post……I’m kinda tired after a long day, but wanted to share how happy I was with it.  XD  I’ll do a ‘fangirly’ post later, and I’ll be sure to write all about the book I recently finished, which made me scream and jump around the house.  XD

Love you all!!!  XOXO

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy <33333