I warn you…..

If you go listen to these songs…you will be VERY addicted.  XD




Just turn up your sound a bit and listen to the latest from Idina Menzel.  😉  SO BEAUTIFUL.


Brave is my new favorite song EVAH.  It goes PERFECT for a story I am writing/have been writing/working on, called “Love Will Prevail” (name is a work in progress.)  🙂


I am going to make a page for LWP so you all can read it.  xD  I was editing it last night.  Brave goes PERFECT for the story, as well as A Hero Comes Home.  😉


Character from LWP:  Fallon Daggerwing.

Fallon was the first character to be given the name ‘Fallon’.  😛  I use that for all kinds of characters now, including my own self!  Haha!  Here’s what Fallon looks like in this story:

She’s real pretty in this story.  xD  Most cases, she has Red hair, green eyes, but here she has blue eyes and brown hair, fair skin and she’s around 17 in the book.  😉

LWP is (as the name implies) a romance, but also a story of survival, war, family, secrets, and fantasy!  🙂

http://www.azaleasdolls.com/index.html  Go there to make your own characters!!!!  It is SOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀  😀  😀


Well, I should really go post on my other blog, but let me clear one thing up.

This WordPress blog is just for fun, and for me really.  I didn’t make it to confuse people, or so that they have ‘one more thing to check’.   I know I am hard to keep up with.  😛

I will mainly be posting on To Thine Own Self Be True (my blogger blog), and all my fangirly things that no one else cares about or would easily be annoyed by will go here.  🙂

Also, Google is going to hunt me down and kill me someday.

SOOO On that happy note, Love you all!!!!  *hugs*

Love from me,

Fallon Skywalker Sunstar Solo Tremain Darcy <3333333333333



Another post about Another Fandom…..

I think this post should be about another passion of mine.  🙂


History.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE American History.  🙂  Above any other time period in history, Revolutionary War time period is my favorite.  Closely followed by the Westward Expansion.  🙂

If you know me, you know that I am a history nut, and that I also have very conservative views.  (and if you’re someone like Leia you know that I have very conservative views and a very big mouth…..er….keyboard…)  xD

Anyways, I strongly believe in the principles that our Founding Fathers laid this nation on, and I believe that our country needs to get back to them.
So….back on topic….I love Revolutionary War time period.  😉  We studied it last year in our homeschool, which brought me much joy!  🙂  My mom assigned me to read the book ‘Johnny Tremain’ by Esther Forbes.  I heard good things about it, and I remembered one of my internet friends said it was one of her favorite books (Amaranthine if I remember right) so I was excited to try it out!  🙂

I read it in a couple of weeks (because I was busy!)  and was in LOVE!!!!!  We were originally going to read it as a family, my mom reading it aloud to my sister and I during the day when we had a chance, but I got tired of waiting and wanted to just read it myself.  Plus my sister was really bored with it.  XD

So I read and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cried three times.  XDD  I won’t say for spoiler reasons.  😛

Then I went to the library (with my Johnny still in mind btw) and saw, *GASP*  JOHNNY TREMAIN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BY DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀 😀 😀

So, automatically, I checked it out and watched it.  I think I was crying.  Because I loved it so much.  XDDD  No seriously.  This is one movie that was better than the book.  XDDDD


Here are hte reasons why:

Happy Ending.  It had one.

Perfect Characters.  Just about as close to perfect as I could imagine.

Less ‘blah’ from the book.  As GREAT as the book was, it was VERY slow at some parts.  There was too much nonsense with Ms. Lyte and Isannah In My Opinion, and I LOVED that the movie had less/none of that.  XD

More action!!  Johnny and Rab were in Lexington and Concord!  And it was super interesting!  😉

ROMANCE.  Johnny and Cilla kissed.   OH MY FREAKING FORCE THEY KISSED.  ❤ ❤ ❤  *falls over*

Here are some pictures from the movie.  😉





Jonathan Lyte Tremain.  Hero and Main Character of the book and movie.  <33  Love of my life.  🙂



Priscilla “Cilla” Lapham.  Heroine, supporting character of book/movie.  AMAZING.  I LOVE HER.  She’s fantastic, and I’ve got almost all her lines in the movie memorized.  XD


Rab Silsbee.  Supporting Character/Hero of both the book and movie.  😉  I love him in the movie…he’s JUST like I imagined him, but he seems to be a bit more….I dunno, something else in the book.  I personally like Alive Rab better.  XD  Movie Rab.  🙂  *Rab why you so small??*

Movie Promo Poster for the Johnny Tremain movie by Disney.  🙂  I love that.  “He Answered Freedom’s Call”.  🙂  So true.  :3



Cilla and Johnny talking with a British officer, acting as ‘innocent teenagers’ though they are really spies!  😀


A Johnny Tremain wallpaper I made.  XD  :DDDDDD  *squeezes Johnny*  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*giggles incoherently*  ONDAKJDLAJFPWQALFJOjalkejfoalfjpJAOKJCPWWAKLJF FSAOPPFAJHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA  HE KISSES HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That scene is by far my favorite in the whole entire movie.  XDDDDD  I was SOOOOO HAPPY.  SO HAPPY.  SO SO HAPPY.  S.O. HAPPY.  😀
Rab talking with Johnny about the meeting of the Sons of Liberty!  🙂  Johnny and his Horse ‘Goblin’.  🙂  I ❤ Goblin.  He’s awesome.


So, now you see the lovely fandom of Johnny Tremain.  🙂

I am very very obsessed with this.  I would rent the DVD from the library twice a week (since it’s not an ‘eductational’ dvd, you only get a three day loner on it), and watch it every night.  THEN we went to our homeschool convention, and almost the first booth we went to, they had Johnny Tremain book and DVD for sale.  I stopped dead in the middle of the aisle and squealed “JOHNNY TREMAIN!!!!!!!!!”  really loudly, and made my father buy the DVD right then and there.  XDD  I am now the proud owner of Johnny Tremain the Movie.  XD

My friends often tease my by talking about Johnny Tremain.  😉  Just silly teasing though, not serious.  XDD  LOL.  😉

I even wrote some Johnny Tremain fanfiction!!!!!  Read it here:
I’m going to brag for a minute here and say that this is some of my best work.  XD  They’re just one-shots, but I really loved writing them, and I think they’re pretty darn good.  😛  Try them!  Let me know what you think!  Review!  ( I do accept anonymous reviews. 😉 )

*sighs*  I now have a major craving to watch Johnny Tremain.  🙂  <3333

Thank you all for the kind comments and everything!!!!  *hugs*

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


As it turns out….

I am in love with Lord of the Rings.

Yes, I change/add to my fandoms quite a bit.  XD

I watched Fellowship of the Ring today (well, I started it at least, we’ve got another half an hour to go, but we’ll finish in the morning) and it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The characters are WONDERFUL, the music is so POWERFUL and I feel like such a NERD watching it!!!  XDD  But seriously, I LOVED it.  🙂

Frodo is AH-MAZE-ING.  The kid is ADORABLE.  He’s SO CUTE.  Plus he’s got BLUE EYES which is what got me hooked.  XD  (in case y’all didn’t know, I’ve got a thing for guys with blue eyes)  😉

LOOK AT HIS EYES…………….LOOK AT THEM………..THEY ARE SO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  <3333333333333333333

But, Chibi (my lovely cousin who had a ‘geek-fest’ with me today) has already ‘called’ him.  😛

BUT THAT’S OKAY!!!!  Because Frodo is only my third favorite character (so far).  😉

First favorite:

LEGOLAS.  OH MY FREAKING FORCE.  LEGOLAS IS BEYOND AMAZING.  He’s hot, he’s SO SO hot, and he’s got Blue eyes too.  😉  He’s SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see the rest of what goes on with Legolas.  XDD

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  *squeals and runs around room in fangirl craze*  Eeeeeeeeee…….Okay, I’m good now.  xD

Second Favorite:

ARAGORN.  OH MY FREAKING FORCE AGAIN.  8DDDDDDDD  I love love love LOVE L.O.V.E. Aragorn.  :3  He’s even HOTTER, he’s incredibly brave, and he’s super important, AND he’s got a romance!!!!!  *dies of happiness*

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  *flips out and passes out*  OH MY WORD.  LOOK AT THAT.  ^^

I teared up watching this scene.  but it was more from freaking out happiness that I was watching a movie with romance in it.  XDDD




Nowwww….I was browsing Tumblr’s to find pictures, and I was SO confused by pictures like these:

That picture especially freaked me out.  XD  I sat there flinching as I looked at these pics, from both confusion and utter inability to comprehend the geekiness of everything.  I still am having issues understanding them.

Having the bad guy from Lord of the Rings be the same guy who plays Count Dooku in the Star Wars Prequels kind of freaked me out even more.  XD  I heard him say a Dooku line (or something that SOUNDED like a Dooku line) and I screamed, “COUNT DOOKU!!!”, jumping off of the couch.  My cousin hated me for it (she hates SW) and my sister was like, “YES!!!!!!!  THAT’S WHERE I KNOW HIM FROM!!!!!!!!”  I can’t see anyone but Dooku now when looking at the guy.  😛

Well, it’s getting late, and I’m watching the second National Treasure Movie.  😉

I’m redoing my header btw.  It’s gotta have LOTR in it.  xD

Lovies!  ❤

Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy <333  (that may change too after finishing the LotR trilogy)  😉

Star Wars…My Primary Fandom

I am an incredibly passionate Star Wars Fan.

Even though all of y’all reading this blog will most likely already have read my Star Wars Story…..here it is again.  😉

I’ll make it a long story short.  Well….kinda short.  XD

I hated Star Wars *collective gasp*  Seriously though, I really hated it.  Especially TCW, since my sister LOVED it so much.  I thought it was weird, nerdy and lame.  I mean come on!  Who wants to watch a movie with a bunch of aliens and weird guys in robes?!!?  Apparently I did.  I just didn’t know it yet.  😉

Date: Late April 2010….a Day that will go down in HISTORY!!!!!

My dad broke a lamp.  That poor lamp.  It had no chance going up against that man’s broom….*sniffs*

We needed a lamp!  But a bunch of chickens don’t need a fancy schmancy lamp do they?!?  I don’t think so….point being we went to GoodWill to get a new lamp.  😉  Well, new to US that is.  XD

Our lamp was cool, but what was cooler was that my sister saw the Star Wars Original Trilogy as a boxed set of VCR tapes.  🙂  She wanted them.  I bought them, out of the goodness of my heart.  😉

I bought my life-long passion for $1.75.  That was the BEST $1.75 I EVER spent!!!!!!!

SOOOOOOO, that day in April, desperate to get out of the dishes, but extremely full of mockery and arrogance, I watched A New Hope.

First Thoughts:  The blonde guy is cute.  The princess is cool.  That hairy thing is WEIRD.  Hence the reason this is so LAAMMEE…….?

But…despite how lame it was *rolls eyes*  I watched Empire Strikes Back with my sister.  I decided I had to find out what happened.  Once Han Solo and Princess Leia kissed on the Millennium Falcon on the way to Bespin…….I WAS IN LOVE.  I was HOOKED.

I remember getting hearts in my eyes and staring at our boxy tv with one working speaker in awe.  I remember sitting there wondering if ANY movie on the PLANET could be better than THIS?  I remember yelling at the TV when Lando betrayed them to Vader on Bespin.

I remember crying when my mom made me turn off the TV so we could go to church.  I remember begging my mom the ENTIRE way to church to let me stay home so I could finish the movie.  I remember going to the bookstore after church and running to the Star Wars section, of which I did not know existed until that night.

I remember getting in the car eager to get home so I could finish my movie.  MY movie.  MY MOVIE that I PAYED FOR, that I was now OBSESSED with.

I remember my mom asking me what I thought so far.
“Mom, I love it.  Mom it’s amazing!!!!  Why haven’t I seen it before?!?!”

“that’s great honey!  I used to love Star Wars.  I loved Han Solo.”

“I like Luke”  *blushes*

“NOOOOO!!!!!  YOU CAN’T LIKE LUKE!!!!!!!!  He’s a whiny baby!!!!”

“Huh?  WHY NOT?!?!  Han’s rude!”

“Shut up.”


“*to dad*  C’mon.  She needs to go home and finish her movie.”


I remember sobbing when Poor Luke gets his hand cut off.  I remember knowing the ‘I am Your Father’ line as the only thing I knew from Star Wars.  That and that Luke and Leia were siblings.  😉

That same night I put in Return of the Jedi.  I watched the whole thing.  I squealed like a little girl whenever Han and Leia kissed.  I cried when Vader died.  I felt SO bad for Luke at the end.  I was genuinely confused, amazed, intrigued, and obsessed.  🙂

The next day, I went onto my computer.  I discovered Wookieepedia.  I discovered StarWars.Com.  I watched YouTube videos, I read up on all and everything I could find.  I was seriously obsessed.

But….my obsession wasn’t taken to well by everyone.  My own family didn’t like it.  I have journals filled with ‘rants’ about myself feeling alone, sad and upset that no one wanted me to like Star Wars.  My sister shunned me, hated my guts (seriously) and didn’t want anything to do with me.

My mom didn’t like that SW distracted me from school, or that I was always on website and not being productive.

My dad was neutral.  XD  But he wasn’t on MY side……:P

Things were amended when I went to Star Wars Weekends 2010 with my sister and dad after winning a lightsaber battle in our hotel room in Orlando, Florida.  And we watched TCW while battling, making it extra-epic.

Then something horrible happened. 😦  My sister got sick!   She got sick and had to be carried out of the park by a wheelchair, since she couldn’t walk she felt so ill.  😦  I felt SO bad.  She’d waited MONTHS upon MONTHS for that day.  She was going to meet Ashley Eckstein, the voice actress of Ahsoka Tano, my sister’s favorite character.  But she couldn’t go in the building, she was so sick.  SO I DID.

My first brush with greatness was made when I was worried and upset for my sister, trying really, /really/ hard not to cry, while going to talk to Mrs. Eckstein.  I explained what had happened to my sister, and Ashley was SUPER sweet, signing my sister’s toy lightsaber and sending me with a ‘get well’ message and love from Ashley Eckstein.  Another AMAZING thing happened when I met Ashley Eckstein.

She gave me two stickers.  Two brilliant, small stickers.  They had the web address of Her Universe, Clothing for Girls on them.  Those tiny stickers changed my life.

Skip ahead a month and a half.  Her Universe comes live online, making me the happiest fangirl who ever lived.

Skip ahead another two months.  I am a frequent and obsessive poster on the Her Universe Blog, which is where I’ve met almost ALL of my internet friends.  I would chat daily with Noelle, Leia, Sokafan/Lil’Ashley, Satine, QueenKarina, RachelisaJedi and more.  And those were all on Blog Posts.  🙂  We discovered that we all had a lot in common!!!  We all loved Star Wars, we were young ladies, most of us Christian and/or homeschooled!  🙂

I was amazed!!!!  NO WAY!!!  Other girls who felt like me!!!!  Other girls with the same obsessions and loved Star Wars as much as me!!!!!

That group of girls are now my best friends.  😉

The HU Blog soon turned into the HU Forum, where we all chatted more than just daily, more like hourly.  😉  We all grew into this group of fangirls, who all got along and loved each other.

Then HU grew.  It got TOO big.  Too many /older/ girls/women were on the site, and starting to call out on the ‘younger girls’ for their beliefs and opinions.  Certain members pushed others over the edge.

I messed up and opened my big mouth over politics.  😛  I ended up LEAVING HU because of that.  Saddest day of my life.  I must’ve bawled my eyes out for hours.   My mom told me that she didn’t want me getting into trouble, and that I needed to leave the forums.  I was SO SAD.  I Private Messaged my friends, telling them that I was leaving.  😥  I learned how true my friends were.  Satine, Leia, Padme/Endor/Dancing With Anakin, Rachel, Rex’sgirl, QueenKarina and SO MANY OTHERS made me feel SO LOVED!!!!!  I PMed with them daily, forgetting about POSTING on the Forums, and just keeping in touch via PM.

Then Leia and Endor and I started emailing.  😉  I would email Leia ALL the time.  Now looking back, and thinking about today, we’ve come a very long way.  XD  We would email all the time, and we still do, along with chatting and more.

Endor and I email all the time too.  🙂  And we Gmail Buzz and other things too.  😉

Through Endor and Qui from HU I found out about Blogger and the blogger world.  I met Amaranthine, and everything started falling into place even more.  😉

Amarnathine, Leia and I became the moderators/admin of a brand new, safe, home for our friends from HU to come and talk as a family in a Christian environment where we wouldn’t be bothered.  😉

Starting The Lakehouse Forums was the BEST BEST BEST thing Ley EVER EVER EVER EVER DID.  I invited the HU girls via PM to our new forum, and we’ve now got over 60 girls!  😀  These are my BEST FRIENDS EVER on there.  😉

My fandom has only grown since there.  Now I’m obsessed with Star Wars like there is NO TOMORROW!!!  XDDD


My favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back, because it made me fall in love with the whole Saga!  🙂  It is closely followed by Return of the Jedi, and then probably Attack of the Clones.  😉  I love them all!!!  🙂

I am a die-hard Luke fangirl.  🙂  Forever and Ever I will love Luke Skywalker.  My mom decided that as long as I stay away from the ‘bad boy with the fast ship’ I’m good.  XD

That is my BEST Luke pictrue.  😉  Well….one of them.  I think that one is my favorite though, because it’s so cool!!!!  I love how his right hand looks.  😉

That is my second favorite Luke picture.  🙂  I love the colors!!!!!  :DDDD  And the picture in the center is my FAVORITE picture of Luke.  He looks so sweet and innocent.  😉

My ALL TIME Favorite character is Mara Jade Skywalker.  <333333

BEST.  PICTURE.  EVER.  <333333  Luke and Mara are my favorite couple EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the coolest Mara pic I have.  She is SO FREAKING AMAZING.  😀 😀  😀


Close in second as my favorite characters are Han and Leia, or Anakin and Padme.  😉


Ha, I found a picture where I could kill two birds with one stone!  xDD  Coolio!  😉


Star Wars has greatly impacted my life.  I’ve learned that I am a writer!  I learned that I am easily obsessed!  I learned that my MOM is also easily obsessed.  😉

I’ve even grown closer to God through/because of Star Wars.  If I hadn’t watched Star Wars, I probably wouldn’t have met Leia, or Endor, or Cad Bane’s Chick, or JediKnightGrl, Rachel, Arliss, QueenKarina, Arda, Rex’sgirl, Satine, Amaranthine, Allishmalli, Jamie Joyce, or ANYONE!!!!  🙂   They have all helped me grow in my relationship with Him, by witnessing to me, and helping me through tough times.  🙂  *hugs sistahs*  I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!  *hugs again*  😉


So ends my first Star Wars post. 😉   I PROMISE to have another one soon!!!!!  😀  Thanks everyone for the kind words on my new blog!!!!!  🙂



Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy <333

Pride and Prejudice

I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time yesterday…..the 2005 version starring Kiera Knightly.

Can I just say……

BEST MOVIE (besides star wars) EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH MY FORCE THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I sat there crying after it was over because I loved it so darn much.

The beautiful Lizzie Bennet…;)

*screams, cries, runs in circles*  MR. DARCY!!!!!!!!!  I WANT TO RUN AWAY WITH THEE!!!!!!!!!!!
*sobs into pillow* I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

That scene made me laugh so hard. XDDDD

*cries*  SO FREAKING ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dies*  I want Mr. Darcy so badly.  He is such a gentleman!  LOL!

(my current laptop wallpaper)

That is so true.  I really am.  Multiple fictional characters actually.  xD

I blame Ley for this obsession.  LOVE YOU GIRL!  I OWE YOU!!!!!  xDD

I’ve listened to the whole soundtrack literally all day long.  It inspired me to go play the Viola.  😉

That is part 1 of 13 in the Pride and Prejudice movie on Youtube.  I am going to watch it again tonight!!!!  😀

Here’s a quick Review for P&P:

First thoughts:  I know my friend (Ley) liked it a LOT, and decided that being a hopeless romantic AND history nut, this would be a great movie for me. 😉

Plot/Summary:  The Bennett girls are all very interested in boys, at the willing of their own mother!  Desperate to find ‘suitors’ the younger girls and older girls too get very excited and giggly over boys!  😉  Elizabeth Bennett has strong opinions of men, and of life in general.  She doesn’t like to sit around wasting her time on men.  When she meets Mr. Darcy…..that changes.  She finds herself hating the man, and then falling in love with him.  Can Lizzie and Mr. Darcy overcome their own pride and prejudice against each other, and follow their hearts?  🙂

Music:  AMAZING soundtrack.  I’ve listened/relistened to it ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀 😀  😀 😀

Actors/Actresses:  Keira Knightly stars as Elizabeth Bennett, and I think the role was PERFECTLY CAST.  I swear, after watching this movie, I talked in a British Accent ALL DAY.  XD

Scenery:  BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  The English Countryside!!!!!  OH!  It was so pretty!!!!!  😀 😀  😀 😀

Cleanliness (from a Christian POV):  EXTREMELY CLEAN.  100%, nothing bad happens, everyone is safe, kind of clean.  😉  It’s amazing.  The only slightly questionable thing is that the youngest daughter gets married before any of the other daughters!!  XD

Overall Rating:  10/10 Stars!!!!!  **********!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀  Amazing movie.  Beautiful, romantic, sweet, classic, and just oh-so-wonderful.  Plus it had Mr. Darcy.  XD  🙂

So ends my first ‘official’ fandom post!!!!!  I hope you like it!!!!!  I’ll be writing a Star Wars post later, I’m sure!  😀


Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy <333

P.S. Go look at my pages!!!!  😀  I worked hard on them!  ‘Reaching For The Stars’ is where you’ll find my Star Wars Fanfic novel!!!!!  😀  Please read and let me know what you think!  🙂  *hugs*


Welcome to Adventures of a Fangirl!!!!!!!!!

This blog is all about the things that excite me, fill me with passion and….well…..OBSESSION.

You will mainly see Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice, Johnny Tremain, more Star Wars, Disney (all things Disney, live action included), Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and any other movies I go see!  🙂

Enjoy, comment, and let me know if there is any problem with this blog, seeing it’s my first WordPress and I’m slightly confused.  XDD  This is a learning experience.  I’m teaching myself how to navigate WordPress as well as I do Blogger.  😉

Thanks y’all!!!!


Fallon Skywalker Solo Tremain Darcy ❤